Partners at Work and in Life

Physio Multiservices is the dream of France Barrette and Normand Plasse, two partners at work and in life. With a degree in physiotherapy from the University of Montreal, France Barrette specializes in assessments of injured workers and motor vehicles accident injured and continues to do follow ups with her patients. She provides Shock Wave Therapy for chronic tendinopathy conditions and she also oversees the daily administration of the clinic.

Normand Plasse manages the Châteauguay and Ste-Catherine clinics, he also continues to work on the development and marketing of Physio Multiservices. With a degree in administration and accounting from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) and a completed training in real estate, no doubt, he is well prepared.  His strength: starting businesses. On a personal level, Mr. Plasse is committed to his community. He has given much of his time to young hockey players in the region.

Since summer 2014, Mr Jonathan Roussel has joined the managing team of Physio Multiservices by buying the Beauharnois Physio Multiservices clinic. As an employee of Physio Multiservices for more than 10 years as a physical rehabilitation therapist, Mr Roussel well knew the philosophy of the organization. Determined to help Physio Multiservices grow, he opened a new Physio Multiservices clinic in Ormstown in September 2016 and bought the Mercier Physio Multiservices clinic in February 2017.

Physio Multiservices continues to grow, two new clinics will be opening in 2017:

Physio Multiservices Quartier DIX30 July 2017

Physio Multiservices (pediatric rehab clinic) 110A boulevard St-Jean-Baptiste in Châteauguay September 2017

Multidisciplinary Team

The team behind the Physio Multiservices clinic is made up of physiotherapists, therapists in physical rehabilitation, occupational therapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, osteopathy therapists, chiropractors, sport therapists, acupuncturists and professionals to support the administration. Those professionals work as team to provide the best service possible to their patients. The clinic serves patients with various ailments, whether or not they are referred by a doctor, as well as work and motor vehicle accident victims.