The occupational therapist must have completed a Master of Science in occupational therapy in a recognized university and be registered as a valid member of L’Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec.

At Physio Multiservices, occupational therapists assess the outcomes of a physical (lumbar sprain, shoulder tendinitis, knee surgery etc.) and/or mental (depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, burnout etc.) issue on their patient’s function. etc.  They also look at the level of autonomy of their patients in activities such as work, hygiene, dressing, cooking etc.

Then, the occupational therapist will elaborate a treatment plan aiming to improve autonomy and/or capacities of the patient. It is through functional activities reproducing daily living and/or work situations that the occupational therapist will work in collaboration with the patient to reach his goals.

At Physio Multiservices, our occupational therapists can successfully assess and treat patients who suffered a work accident (CNESST), a motor vehicle accident (SAAQ), an injury at home and patients who had surgery etc.

We also provide on site services of an occupational therapist for workplace or home assessment.